PAGE 49 is a “foundry” fired by ferrymen, magicians and alchemists. We are the storytellers and makers of emotions who understand what makes kids tick; we are the literary, graphic and audiovisual talents that work together on any given project, sharing one common objective: to fulfill the values we believe in: 

By making sure the content fits the target audience and respects legal specs in terms of child protection. 

It is our purpose to convey a positive vision to the young people of the world, along with positive models of the world around them.

A state of being that we nurture and convey, in order to allow kids to have fun while learning, and learn while having fun. Basically, the aim is to help them grow up serenely, employing positive, playful, childish energy. The end of the world can wait!

Page 49 is for anyone who wants to enchant the world by telling its story.

Bring us lead, and we’ll turn it to gold!