Literary and graphic design agency specialized in the editorialization and production of content for young people.

Founded by Christophe Guignement, a professional screenwriter, writing director and showrunner, PAGE 49 is a creative agency specializing in editorializing and producing content for kids’ TV, for international markets (Europe and Africa).

Page 49 has a network of experienced partners that can adapt any narrative to any given medium. The result is content for reading, watching or sharing, be it virtual or real, 180 or 360°, plurimedia or transmedia, and regardless of the device, format or genre.   

We work with you to define the editorial and artistic direction that’s best adapted to your budgets, target audience and goals. Then we use our showrunning skills to help you maintain this direction throughout the production process. 

From the first word to the last frame, our network of talented writers and graphic engineers, and our international referenced partners (animation, music and sound studios), are all geared towards giving you the exact service you need for your content. 

A creative partner for producers, publishers and distributors, Page 49 is the expert in commercial and cultural content for kids aged 3 through 18.